Working as an Idaho Private Investigator you recieve all kinds of request.

Several months ago I was asked by a Pocatello, Idaho attorney to assist on an felony aggravated battery case. The client had been arrested after an altercation in his own home and charged with aggravated battery.

I was provided the investigative reports from the arresting officers which contained the following. 

Witness #1 heard yelling coming from an open garage and found our client on top of an adult male with his hands around his throat.  After pulling the client off  this person, the subject on the ground retreated to the front of the residence and was now holding a machete in his hand. Our Client grabbed a pitchfork from inside the garage and approached the other male with the machete.  This subject turned and ran down the street with our client following behind him.  This other subject was later was found to be our clients adult son.

Witness #1 provided law enforcement a written statement to the facts above.

Witness #2 also saw what happened only on the street.  The subject with a machete and our client chasing him down the street. He also provided a written statement to police.

Responding officers stated that at the time of the arrest it took our client several demands to drop the pitchfork. The officers arrested the client and charged him with aggravated battery.

The facts of the case as I found them:

Client was at home when his son arrived. This is an adult son that has had several physical altercations with his father and this is why they do not live together.  This was corroborated with past law enforcement incident reports obtained from several different jurisdictions. 

I reviewed the police reports and found that a witness (#3) had been named in the report but there was no statement from this witness in the police reports.

I located and interviewed this person (#3) and found that he had actually witnessed the altercation in the garage and that the older male (our client) was actually defending himself against the younger subject who was attacking him. Witness #3 was driving past he garage and went down the road to turn around when witness #1 arrived. Witness #3 had also informed law enforcement that day they had arrested the wrong person told them what he had witnessed and they dismissed him without him providing a statement.

Being that I had been an Idaho P.O.S.T. Academy Certified instructor in Crime Scene Investigations and Reconstruction and Evidence Collection and having investigated thousands of  criminal cases with successful results in the Idaho State and Federal Courts. The attorney had me write up my findings as to how the investigation of our client had been mishandled by law enforcement to present to the jury at trial as an expert witness.

Some of the things I had found was that the fight had actually started in the kitchen of our client home. Law Enforcement had failed to investigate and or document this.

The weapon used by the son was a machete. He told law enforcement it was his. This goes to prove the son arrived at his father's residence with intent to assault his father.

Law enforcement failed to document any photographs of our client showing the marks on his face and the defense wounds on his arms where he had been hit by the machete.

They also failed to document and injuries or lack of injuries on the son.

Law enforcement failed to inform the courts of witness #3 and his statement. They purposely withheld evidence.

This all comes down to Idaho law enforcement failing to do a complete and thorough investigation. This case never did go to trial, the prosecutor dismissed the charges.


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