Several years ago Private Investigators were mostly used in suspected infidelity cases. When most people think of a Private Investigator they think of the Rockford Files or Magnum PI, but in reality with today's fast moving technological achievements the need for an experienced investigator is much more demanding.

 The repercussions from being arrested and charged with a crime have longer and further reaching consequences than they use to have. Certain charges can affect your job, or getting the job you have wanted. It can stop you from going to the college your choice.  Being arrested will affect aspects of your life in ways you never thought.

 Before any case is brought to trial or it is litigated and there are pre-trial conferences.  A good private investigator should have provided you or your attorney with facts that the opposing attorney intends to bring in front of the court. A really good Private Investigator will have discovered facts that the opposing attorney does not know or has over looked.

  A good private investigator with experience and background will know what the courts require to prove the charges/claims brought against you.  He/she will know if the opposing attorney is hiding facts about the case, or if there are witnesses that the opposing attorney has not identified. A good private investigator will help find hard to locate witnesses.

  A good private investigator should review interviews and in most cases, re-interview witnesses. A private investigator should also document his interviews; it is not uncommon for a witness to change their story on the witness stand. It is one thing to claim a story when being interviewed at their home or office, but things change when they are in a court of law.  The investigator can be used to show the witness has changed their story.

 When hiring a private investigator use one that has experience and background in the field you are needing assistance. Just the fact that the private investigator says he has a law enforcement background doesn't mean that he has the experience to handle your case. Today's courts require specialization, and a background in that specialization. Your private investigator should have at least a decade of actual experience in the field. Request to see verification of proclaimed qualifications and verify those qualifications. It is better to find out if your so called expert is less of an expert than proclaimed, before he/she is on the stand testifying.

 It is also a good idea to determine if the private investigator has continued with his training and experience.  Laws and Rules of Evidence change from year to year, techniques and methods of investigation are changing with this ever fast moving world.  A good private investigator keeps up to date with his training.

 Make sure to use a private investigator that is licensed. Idaho doesn't require licensing of private investigators but you will find that a good private investigator will have obtained licenses in the Idaho cities that require them. This adds to the professionalism and will assure the private investigator has met at least minimum qualifications, and has undergone a background check.

 If you're a private individual the private investigator usually will require a retainer fee up front. This works the same as when an attorney requires a retainer. The investigator will work off the retainer you have paid him/her. A good private investigator will charge between $50.00 to $120.00 per hour. This is a rate you should expect to pay, if he is charging less than this they are probably  lacking the experience or background you want in a good private investigator.

 I have been used by several attorneys throughout Southern Idaho in assisting them with their cases. Because of my background and expertise I was able to assist these attorneys by providing evidence and actual facts that proved several of their clients were falsely charged and those cases were dismissed prior to going to trial.

 I have assisted in several other cases that the individuals were wrongly charged. I was able to provide the actual facts of the case which resulted in the charges being reduced.


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