Who is Policing Idaho’s Police

This article “Who is Policing Idaho’s Police” was in the Times News today (12/25/2016), written by Idaho Statesman reporter Cynthia Sewell.

If you review at my past articles, this is a topic I addressed several months ago in my blogs.

Anyone that has been watching the trend in Law Enforcement is seeing a decline in individuals applying for and/or attending law enforcement academies considering a career in Law Enforcement.

Then there are those that after attending the courses find that a career in Law Enforcement is not suited for them.

This decline in personnel attending or entering in to Law Enforcement directly affects the problem that we both addressed in our articles. The shortage of Certified Law Enforcement officers and officers to fill the vacancies of those leaving are causing the smaller departments to lower their qualifications and/or standards when hiring individuals.

The results of lowering these standards can be can be tragic.  It was reported in the newspaper article of the Adams County shooting, both the officers involved in the fatal shooting of rancher Jack Yantis had serious problems with other departments prior to becoming officers in Adam County.

Due to the shortage of law enforcement recruits, the college programs are shifting their patrol programs from three semesters to one. Which comes down to less training before going into the field.

This same thought process is being applied to officers already hired and working day to day. The various departments are cutting their training budgets back offering less and less hours and less advanced training to their officers.

The effect is not only less qualified officer,s but it is also less educated officers taking on the daily duties.

Then add another problem that departments are dealing with daily. As more of the veteran officers with hundreds of hours of training retire and leave, there are fewer officers with the back ground and education to work with the younger officers in the field to further educate them.

We deal daily with cases that have been submitted by attorneys for review of their clients that have been charged with various types of criminal charges.

I am always amazed that today’s law enforcement officers only know how to take a report and/or statement but don’t know how to follow up on an investigation.

I was recently assigned to reviewed a case and called the investigating detective with a question about the case. I was told by the detective that the case had been turned over to the prosecutor and no longer his responsibility.

This is the type of attitude I deal with daily.  

We are given cases with no attempts to locate witnesses, let alone witness interviews.

Simple police procedures are not being followed.

The investigating officers have no understanding of the rules of evidence. In some of the cases the officers don’t even know what evidence is they have much less how to safe guard it against contamination or it’s significance to the case.

There needs to be much change in today’s policing techniques and training.  As it stands the current police practices are hurting the innocent and allowing the guilty to go free. 

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Who is Policing Idahos Police
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